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Local SEO

Search engine optimization or SEO is the process of acquiring web site traffic from free, organic, editorial content using natural search results on search engines. The benefits of this are many, and Dominate Local can help you not only get listed on major engines but get found by your customers.

SEO primarily employs anchor texts, title tags, meta descriptions, 301 redirects, an SERP or Search Engine Results Page, keywords, indexing, links, Rel=”author” and canonical URLs. We use these on an ongoing basis to code pages so that they are recognized by Google, Bing and other search engines. The most common methods also keyword specific content and links that connect your search results by whatever specific words a customer searches for. Find out more about our technique here.

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Local seo

The difference between national and local SEO programs is that we hone our efforts to reach customers looking for services on a local basis. This means most of our accounts are small to medium businesses in multiple industries. Some of the industries we specifically serve, include:

  • Financial Services
  • Medical / Healthcare
  • Local Retail
  • Moving & Storage
  • Restaurant & Hospitality

We’ll help local customers find you and then keep them coming back for more using compelling content and enticing offers integrated with the latest in search engine optimization techniques. This includes listings in Yelp, Yellow Pages, Yahoo Places, Google Places, and in local directories, web sites and newspapers.

Our methods have proven effective and perfected over many years help with both client acquisition and retention. Let us help you dominate your market. Read More.