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Get a highly effective and cost-efficient strategy to reach a wide audience, build customer relationships, and increase sales.

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How can email marketing help grow your business?

Email marketing is one of the most cost-effective methods of reaching your customer-base. You can get your product, services and brand in front of potential and existing clients for only pennies per contact. That means an opportunity to pitch new services, offer discounts, upsell your existing clients and reach an entirely new market. Personalized emails build connections. They build value and ultimately bring sales.

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Already doing email marketing? We can make yours more effective.

If you are already doing email campaigns but aren’t getting high delivery or conversion rates, let us help. With a review of your existing analytics we can determine if open rates for your email campaigns are good or need some work. If higher, you are hitting the mark and doing great regarding the time of day you are sending and the subject lines. If recipients are clicking through on your hyperlinks to your landing pages or website, then you are not only hitting the subject line, but getting the attention of the people in the right way.

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Stay Top of Mind

Stay at the top of mind of your clients and a single email rarely provides what people need to close the sales. You need to nurture, educate, build confidence and then sell.

Get outside the inbox and integrate your email campaigns into your other marketing programs (like ratings and reviews, social media, content marketing and SEO) to get repeat business and referrals that will grow your company and retain your existing customers. The proof of this is in our company. Email and referrals make up 75% of our business.

Let Dominate Local’s marketing staff lead your company to success and start converting more leads into paying customers today.


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