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Social Media Marketing: Connecting Buyers and Sellers

Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are considered to be one of the best ways to connect, interact and reach out to friends, family and colleagues. Interestingly, marketing companies have also used this effectively to communicate messages about products, connect with future clients across the world and successfully turn leads into sales.

Let’s take a look at Facebook, which is a great way to keep in touch with friends, express your feelings through status updates or photos and meet new people online. In this renowned social networking website, you can market your products to many people within an economical budget. Create a Facebook group related to your product or service and invite prospects to join. Then, send targeted messages to members who are active within the group. This encourages lead generation through discussions, feedback and requests by prospective as well as existing customers. You can also join other’s Facebook groups to get in front of people starving for the knowledge, products, and services you offer. You are thereby creating a group within a group which works to your benefit.

In Twitter, your marketing strategy should be based on sending small but effective messages. You can initiate a debate or discussion by following your existing buyers. If they happen to mention anything symbolic in their tweets, you can use it to start a conversation on a business development call. You can also search for the latest trends and follow them actively on Twitter. You can get exposed to the new products entering the market, the out of fashion or stock products and general ideas that can your products or services more appealing. It will also help you find and use conversational wording so that you can provide better content when a future client is searching for your products or services. It gives you a wider space for sales prospecting on products in the social media networks.

The third most widely used social network for business associations is LinkedIn. When you start developing your requirement by joining the groups in which your clients are active, the sales prospecting increases as you are associating with more people. Ensure that your profile should give out feelers to companies or persons who show interest in your products or services. However, turning your profile into an online resume will not achieve the purpose of informing people about your company. Take the effort to get introduced to “superconnectors or influencers” as it will bring more people to your profile and spread the word about your work effectively.

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