Marketing Plans for Moving and Storage

In the digital age, today’s conventional marketing methods, like billboard ads and direct mail just will not produce the results you need to build your business. Movers have to both increase the number of customers as well as increase revenue per customer. So how do you do this in a highly competitive and seasonal market? Online selling. Online selling helps attract your most qualified prospects while spending fewer dollars. It does this by targeting prospective customers while they’re looking on-line, not when they coincidently drive by a billboard or receive a mailer.

Movers unloading a moving van

Search Engine Optimization

Moving and Storage 1By far the most cost-effective means of generating business, SEO for movers refers to the process of improving your website so that it ranks higher in search engine results pages (SERPs). We do this by a combination of effective website optimization, ranking the words people use to find services like yours, and writing and promoting relevant content that appeals to your prospects. This includes getting you listed in major directories, like Yelp, Angies List and Google My Business.

Increase Positive Ratings & Reviews

Moving and Storage 2How do you leapfrog a competition? By engaging in a proactive marketing program with your customers. We help you reach out to your customers immediately after service via multiple tools that encourage a review. You can then get positive reviews from happy customers, or address negative issues before they get posted online. Our proven method will increase your current process by up to 10x.

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Advertising

pay per click buttonPay per click is a type of online advertising that allows prospects to find you by using keywords and phrases that trigger your ad in search engine results and other locations. Key advantages:

  • You only pay when people click your ads. This increases exposure yet keeps your budget targeted to the leads you want.
  • Target by demographic, location, keywords and many other methods. Turn on and off your campaign on demand.
  • Get immediate results – As soon as you launch, your ads can start driving relevant traffic to your website.

Dominate Local will handle the entire process for you. We help you select a budget, find the relevant keywords, write your ads, build your campaign and then constantly monitor and tweak your results.

We handle the entire process for you

You focus on running your business. We’ll help you reach your customers. We then show you the results. We will:

  • Handle the outreach
  • Write your content
  • Build your campaigns
  • Monitor the results

Build your strategy to generate business.


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