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85% of consumers search for local businesses online. Are you online?

When you want information about a company, where is the first place you look? If you said the Web, you’re not alone. In fact, 85 percent of consumers search for local businesses online.* If your company doesn’t have a website, you’re losing clients and income.

Many business owners don’t have the time or the knowledge to create a website. You need to be out there selling your services, not sitting in front of a computer designing a site. Let DominateLocal do it for you.

DominateLocal is a marketing agency specializing in small businesses who need the expertise of a senior marketing team but without the need of an expert full time, and in house. That means that we can not only build your entire marketing plan, but also develop the campaigns and sales tools to generate revenue for you. From SEO, social media and PR services to web design and training, we have the solution to meet your needs.

As web specialists, we offer unique solutions that others cannot. We are the only web design and development company that:

  • Includes search engine optimization in the design of your website
  • Can identify who potentially visited your site by name and contact information
  • Can write your content as well as develop the website
  • Has emergency web design ability for campaign landing pages, hacked web sites, and tight deadlines
  • Will work with smaller companies and startups to discount your site design in exchange for referrals / leads or allow your site to be paid for in reasonable installments

Let us create a robust, optimized website that reaches your potential customers and showcases your company. Contact us at 972-922-9483 or

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